Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello, furniture!

Our furniture arrived!  We love it!  It is so nice to finally have seating that isn't an air mattress:)  Now on to picking out paint colors and other decor...

We are having a hard time deciding our paint strategy because of these rounded corners.  I'm not a fan of switching colors in the turn, so do we have to use the same color throughout the entire house??  We may just have quite a few accent walls!

Tom also did some organizing this weekend!  He is proud of his nice garage work:)

Hally is absolutely perfect!  She met a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix named Charlie this weekend.  Her first friend!  She also has a toy friend named Lambiedoodle:)

I didn't write about it, but last weekend we went to Tahoe for the day.  It was beautiful!  Can't wait to go back:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mini Post-Holiday Update!

I apologize for the delay in posting.  Traveling for the holidays didn't allow much time for a blog update!

I left CA and headed for NC on Sunday, 12/19 (Happy Birthday, Hally & Courtney!).  I worked in the office for my last week ever:( and ended my employment at RR with the office Christmas dinner at Cafe Luna.  I will miss you girls!

Christmas was wonderful with friends and family.  I had tons of fun at a gift exchange with friends - I got a super cute cake stand and apron from my Secret Santa, Kathryn!  Thank you!  I'd post a picture, but the box of Christmas presents that my mom shipped hasn't arrived here yet - will post soon!  We missed you, Jennifer!

I was so glad that my whole family attended the Page Christmas gathering, AND that Janna and Leslie stayed with us Christmas Eve, AND that mom and I started a new tradition by going to her cousin Kathy's on Christmas day!  I LOVE Christmas!  SO GOOD to see everyone!

I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to see, though... due to the 8 inches of snow that fell the day after Christmas!  That just means those girls will have to come see me;)

I left NC with Hally in tow and headed to IL to see Tom's family on Tuesday, 12/28 (Happy Birthday, Aunt Connie & Jenna!).  I had a wonderful visit, and for once, I believe I got to see all 13 siblings and almost all 8 McCurdy grandkids - feel better, Annie!  Hally had a great time, too.  Thanks for being so hospitable!

Tom, Hally, and I left IL and headed back home to CA on Friday, 12/31 - New Year's Eve (Happy Birthday, Kristin!).  I woke up very sick this day (and was sick for three days), so as you can imagine, our new years was very uneventful.  Tom woke me up at 11:59 so we could smooch when the clock struck 12:00, and that's about it:)

However, we did come home to lots of Christmas cards and a cute Christmas tree display! 

I got Tom a new wool jacket, a wallet, and a pull up bar for Christmas:)

He got me the side table pictured above, a blender, chocolates and a Poinsettia.  Thank you:)  

Now we're all settled in CA and my job hunt begins!  I'll keep you posted!
Hally is doing VERY well!  She flew like a champ - she was quiet as a mouse on the plane!  My little angel:)

Since arriving in CA, she sleeps LATE!  Yes, I said it!  She doesn't wake up until I get her up. She also hasn't had one potty accident, not that she ever would...

 She is very cute when someone knocks or rings the doorbell because she runs to the back door instead of the front - HAHA!  She will learn that guests arrive at the front door one day:)

We also go on walks every day.  We do this for exercise and socialization.  She loves it!

Until next time!

P.S. My amazing friends will appreciate this pic.  Thanks, girls:)