Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the newest employee of Cambria Cove!

I am officially a California driver!  (This picture is blurry so that strangers don't get my info.)  Car shopping starts this weekend!

Tom and I have officially been together for one whole year!  We celebrated our anniversary with a surprise trip to Napa.   We stayed at the White House Inn and visited the Round Pond Estate Winery, famous for its Cabernet.  I just love my bf:)

I have a job!  I received my official offer letter yesterday, and I formally accepted the offer today!  I will be the Merchandising Assistant in the Folsom office for Cambria Cove.  The Merchandising and Marketing departments are in the Folsom office, and the entire Creative team is in Kansas City, Missouri, so there will be some travel.  While in Folsom, though, the office is only a couple miles from home (a luxury I never had in NC)! 

Today was Hally's last day with her stay-at-home-mom, so we spent some quality time together.  This is a picture of her with her hair blowing in the wind on a trail by the river;)

She is also very excited for her Valentine's pictures this weekend!

No new updates on the house really.  Lots got put on hold while I was unemployed, but we are getting crown molding installed Thursday!