Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He wants to marry me!

A lot has happened in the past 2.5 months since my last entry!  Let's start from the beginning...

Two of Tom's brothers, Jake and Dan, came to visit over their spring break.  They all attempted skiing for the first time, after driving to Tahoe in a blizzard.  We went to a Sacramento Kings game, which at the time could have been one of their last, but the team decided to stay in Sacramento for at least another year.  We also went to San Francisco and toured Alcatraz (very cool!), among other touristy things!  Awkward video (that was supposed to be a picture) alert.

Then we had a visit from our favorite LA friend, Kyle!  Below is a pic of us at a pub in Old Town Folsom.

Tom and I went to Six Flags!  It was TONS of fun!

My family came to visit a few weeks ago!  It was so amazing having them around.  Perhaps they are going to relocate?:)  For Mother's Day, we took Mama to Amador County to taste the local wines.  We also went to San Francisco!

We had two roommates move in about two weeks ago: Tom's brother, Michael, and their family friend, Jake, who both have Summer internships with Intel.  They'll be here for 12 weeks!

Jacklyn and Hunter came to visit over Memorial Day weekend!  How awesome it was to have friends around!  We had dinner in midtown Sacramento, stayed a night in South Lake Tahoe (where we did some harmless gambling - they all made $$!), chilled by the pool, shopped at the outlets, and went to Napa Valley.

Tom and I got engaged!
I think he might be, too! ;)  

Background info: Tom and I first met briefly one night when we were out with friends in Raleigh.  He followed up via text and Facebook to see if I'd go to dinner with him.  I agreed, but I didn't know if he was a total weirdo or not, so I had Jacklyn and Hunter meet us an hour or so into our date.  Turns out I didn't need saving, but we all had a really great time together. 
The rest is history...

On Memorial Day, Jacklyn, Hunter, Tom and I went to Napa.  My boss's husband works for Trefethen, so we went there and had a private tour and tasting.  It was wonderful!  

When we were leaving, we were taking pictures by the fountain in the courtyard.  Jacklyn took a picture of Tom and me, and then immediately after, he turned to me and held my hands.  I knew right away what was happening because he was shaking:)  He began by pointing out the significance of Jacklyn and Hunter being with us... etc... and choked up while saying that he thought God put him in NC to meet me.  Talk about a tear jerker!  Then he got on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I said YES!  Boy was I surprised!  The wedding will be in Wilmington, NC sometime next Summer!

p.s. Jacklyn had no idea that it was coming, so she was just as surprised and emotional as I was!  Hunter knew the whole time!

I am absolutely the happiest I've ever been!  I couldn't have dreamed of a better husband-to-be.

Isn't it lovely?