Friday, June 20, 2014

My Weekly Pregnancy

Thomas was wiggling up a storm during his first photo shoot!

No margaritas for the next 6+ months!

Almost ready to share with the world...

Our little peach is still so tiny!


Happy Halloween, Thomas!

We had a blast at Safari West!

Speaking of avocados... #yum

C'mon bump, work with me!

So thankful for you, sweet Thomas. 

Feeling his first movements and so in love. XOXO, little one. 

Glass half full!

Thomas grew 10 more inches after this week! 

The year of baby Thomas. Happy New Year!


A spoonful of sugar helps the mommy-to-be keep smilin'.

Us blondies created a brunette baby! Who'da thunk it?

We won't discuss mommy's age...

Better luck next year, Payton...

Last trimester and my belly is really poppin'!

I've never loved anyone more. 

Thank you, Jia-Yi, for the lovely shower!

One of my only maternity items. #theyjustaintcute

My advice: save your money. Just google it!

Wearing green so we don't get pinched!

OK, I'm running out of things that fit...

...and womb. 

Grandma and Grandpa McCurdy are here! 

Ew, watermelon but yay, we're "done!"

The countdown is on! 

Exactly one week later, I gave birth to a baby BOY!

My two sleeping Toms. My heart is overflowing. 

Next up: nursery photos! And likely more pics of Thomas... Let's be real.