Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Five weeks ago we had crown molding installed in the living room and kitchen!  We are very pleased!  Don't worry, we're still trying to pick paint colors!  I ordered a pendant to go over the kitchen table, so we'll probably pull colors from that.  I might even convince Tom to let me paint the living room ceiling blue!

 Three weeks ago Tom and I went to San Francisco for the night.  On our way in, we went to a Golden State Warriors NBA game in Oakland.  I'm pretty sure they lost; we left early because the arena and game weren't all that great.  The next day we explored San Francisco.... we went to the market on the water and had brunch, then went to the park and the aquarium.  Thankfully  my super sweet coworker watched Hally for us:)

(cozy with Tom on the couch)

Tom's best friend, Kyle, visited us a couple weekends ago.  It was nice having a familiar face in our home!  The weather wasn't that great... a little rainy... gosh, I can't wait for summertime when it never rains!

I've been working at Cambria Cove for a little over a month now, and thankfully, I love it!  CC is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, based in Kansas City, MO, and I took my first business trip there a couple of week ago.  I will be going there probably once every two months or so.

We are very excited that two of Tom's younger brothers are visiting us this week while they are on high school spring break!  They are arriving Thursday and staying for a week.  They're going to get to see Tahoe, Alcatraz, and see a Sacramento Kings game before the team leaves Sacramento for good!  Hopefully they won't be too bored while we're at work some days:)

I'm so excited for all of our visitors this summer!!!  
MARCH: Tom's brothers 
MAY: my family AND Jacklyn and Hunter
JULY: Erin, Jeremy and two of their friends
(AUGUST: We're going to NC!)
Anyone want to visit me in April, June, or September?? :)

Tom and I also booked a flight to NC in mid-August!  My parents will have a place at the beach again this summer, so we couldn't miss that!  With flights being almost $600 each, though, I'm not sure how Christmas is going to work out.  Just keep your fingers crossed that gas prices will go down!

I got a car AND a license plate!  Now I'm really official... job, CA driver's license, car, and CA license plate.  Guess I'm here to stay...

 Please excuse the water droplets.  It was raining today.

BRACKET UPDATE: I've been consistently 4th or 5th in the McCurdy family bracket.  I really need Kansas to win this, or I'm out!  $400 sure would be nice... :) Cross your fingers!

Happy Birthday, Amanda!!

Until next time...

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