Monday, August 22, 2011

I climbed a mountain!

Update since my last post...  Nothing much, just busy being ENGAGED:)

June 10 - Tim McGraw concert with Tom, his brother, Michael, and their family friend, Jake.  It was very, very fun!  I believe I did a mobile upload from the concert, which you can find on facebook:)

June 11 - Day trip to San Francisco for the Giants game!  We got to see Omar, Tom's friend from GE, for the first time in a while, because he was in town for business. Miss him!

 We saw some nakie people who were encouraging us to "burn fat, not oil."
 The Giants lost.  Shoot.

June 13 - Junior League Social!  I just mailed in my check last week, so hopefully I'll hear back soon:)  Happy to join Kathleen as she "pledges" in NC!

June 14 - First interview with Goore's!

June 23 - Met with John at Coldwell Banker.  I'm considering getting my real estate license, if I can ever find the time to study!  This was also the last day I went to the Cambria Cove office... such a sad, sad day:(  But, when I showed up after my Coldwell Banker interview, so that all of us girls could go to lunch, they surprised me with the most amazing engagement/wedding present ever!  THANK YOU MILLIONS!  You are all wonderful and I miss you like crazy!

June 28 - Second interview with Goore's!

July 6 - First day at Goore's!  I will be helping with their Furniture sales, both in store and online.  Look for huge improvements to that part of the site soon!

July 8 - Concert in the Park in El Dorado Hills with the neighbors!

July 15 - Erin, Jeremy, and Robyn arrive!  They stayed until the following Friday.  Tons of fun!

July 23 - YOSEMITE!  A truly breathtaking experience.  I recommend it.

July 27 - Rachel arrives!  Tom's sister accepted a job with Intel, and is living with us until she has enough furniture to move out:)  It's nice having a female around!

July 30 - Tom and I did a pub crawl in old town Folsom.  A very nice way to see places we would have normally skipped right over!  The hosts really liked us, too:)

August 3 - Left for NC! 

August 4 - Bridesmaid dress appointment and beach music at North Hills:)

August 5 - BIG wedding dress day with Moma and Sister.  We have narrowed it down!

August 9 - Wilmington with Moma and Sister for floral consultations and cake tasting - yum!

August 10 - Tom arrived!  Oh how I had missed him:)  That night we met a bunch of friends for dinner, sort of an unofficial engagement party.  Thanks, everyone, so much for coming!!!  Miss yall tons.

August 11 - Emerald Isle for a few days to see Moma and Tim's new place.  Just adorable!

August 13 - Missed Katy's shower:( but headed to Wilmington to show Tom the reception venue and see Dory and Matt!

August 14 - Went to church at Grace United Methodist, our ceremony venue:)

August 15 - Grandma's birthday! Then back to good ole Sacramento.  Hally is such a seasoned traveler.

Hot dog!

August 19 - Out for Aylin's birthday!  This was our first time out in Sacramento since we've been here!  It's about the same distance as Benson is from Raleigh, so transportation is never easy to figure out.  Good think we're about to have a sister living downtown... ;)

August 22 - Michael moves out:(  You can practically hear crickets in our home...  Miss you, homie!

August 24 - Rachel moves out:(  Looks like it's just Tom, Hally, and me!  We also had a going-away outing for Rachel Itwaru.  Bowling & gambling:)  See you in a year, hopefully!

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