Monday, November 29, 2010

Arrived Safely!

I arrived in CA after many hours of flying and layovers to a nice Jack-in-the-Box Thanksgiving dinner.  (Nowhere was open and we didn't have appliances.)
Since this day, we have done TONS of shopping (we need everything) and are having luck with everything but... FURNITURE.  We just can't seem to agree - HAHA!  Pray for us!

Went to Bayside Church (yes, like Saved by the Bell!)...

...and looked at MORE furniture.  We may end up going with the custom furniture from Bassett.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Sandra:) Miss you.

First day of working from home!
The appliances were delivered, only for me to figure out our home can't accommodate an electric stove... so the exchange for a gas stove begins. 
ABF Truck with my belongings hasn't arrived yet but should be here in about an hour!  We desperately need that refrigerator that's on there!  I miss my filtered water:)

Happy Birthday, Kelli!

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  1. I'm surprised no where was open on Thanksgiving! yall so ghetto witcha outdoor milk carton to keep it cold :P Hope the truck gets there ASAP!