Monday, December 6, 2010

Furniture, check!

First night alone in the new house!  Tom had a business trip to Santa Clara, so I entertained myself by trimming the tree, which is still a work in progress... Ornament donations are welcomed:)

We picked up Tom's new 55" LCD TV from Best Buy!  We did lots of comparison shopping and I think we got a pretty good deal.  Tom is happy, although I think it's too big:)

I removed a chunk of my thumb while grating cheese on our brand new (very sharp) cheese grater - OUCH!  Someone keep me out of the kitchen...

The search for furniture has finally come to a close!  We purchased the Brewster collection from Bassett, sofa pictured below.  We are very excited, although it won't arrive for 5-7 more weeks.  I guess it's the air mattress for another couple of months!

Welcome to the world, Baby Brayden:)
Congratulations, Crystal!!


  1. HAHAHA on the cheese grater. You Rachel Ray, you. (no pun intended, I know you're a dazzling blonde) hahaha. OKAY COME HOME ALREADY. Oh, about the important stuff like your pretty new couch- YAY! can't wait for it to come in! nice tv..and the like.

  2. I'm so glad that you finally decided on furniture! I know that had to be a hard decision, but I love it! I don't think the TV is too big at all...the bigger the better! Did you hang your new favorite ornament on the tree? You better! I have been researching a good time to come. What do you think about March?

  3. HAHA nothing! I seriously removed a CHUNK of skin and it was ew gross.

    My new favorite ornament IS on the tree! Do you see that extra bright spot directly under the highest purple ornament? That's where it is!

    Also, your schedule is limited because of... ah hem, so you come whenever! I do know that Tom's brothers are coming to visit over Spring Break in March, AND Moma and Lauren are supposed to come over her Spring Break... hopefully that won't cross over as it is. Let me know dates!

    LOVE both of you comment-leaving girls:)